E-invoicing, also known as Fatoorah in Saudi Arabia, is the mandatory process of issuing and storing invoices electronically. It's overseen by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA).

  • API Connectivity: AL MAWASIL's APIs facilitate the secure and real-time exchange of data between the existing ERP/POS systems and ZATCA's platform. The APIs act as a bridge, ensuring smooth communication and seamless data transfer.
  • Compliance Enablement: AL MAWASIL ensures that the integrated system meets ZATCA's e-invoicing compliance standards. This includes generating the necessary UUIDs, digital signatures, and cryptographic stamps required for each invoice.
  • Format Conversion: AL MAWASIL's integration solution handles the conversion of invoices into specified formats such as XML or PDF/A-3 with embedded XML, making them compatible with ZATCA's requirements.
  • Data Validation: AL MAWASIL's integration includes robust data validation features, ensuring that the generated invoices are accurate and error-free before submission to ZATCA.
  • Secure Connectivity: AL MAWASIL ensures that the integrated system can securely connect to the internet, allowing real-time communication with ZATCA's Fatoora portal while maintaining data integrity and security.

We are proud to offer a range of products that are specifically designed with ZATCA integration compatibility for businesses in Saudi Arabia. Our solutions provide a seamless and efficient way to connect with ZATCA's systems, ensuring smooth communication and streamlined processes in compliance with Saudi Arabian regulations.


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