How can AL MAWASIL assist you in complying with Phase 2 of Saudi e-invoicing?

AL MAWASIL provides comprehensive support in meeting the requirements of Phase 2 of Saudi e-invoicing. By utilizing AL MAWASIL APIs, you can seamlessly integrate your ERP/POS systems with ZATCA while minimizing the need for extensive modifications. Additionally, AL MAWASIL streamlines the registration process by enabling the registration of multiple ERP/POS systems with ZATCA in a single click.

AL MAWASIL’s e-invoicing software offers a wide range of features to facilitate Phase 2 compliance:

Intelligent data validations

With over 150 intelligent data validations, AL MAWASIL ensures the generation of accurate and error-free invoices.

Enhanced invoicing

The software seamlessly incorporates the Phase 2 QR code and certified XML into existing invoices, resulting in the creation of final PDF A/3 invoices that adhere to compliance standards.


The software generates essential elements such as UUID, invoice hash, invoice counter value, and QR codes. It also converts invoices into the required XML format.

Automated email notifications

AL MAWASIL automates the process of sending the final PDF A/3 invoices to your customers via email.

XML processing

AL MAWASIL handles the submission of clearance/report XML invoices to ZATCA and receives certified XML back from them.

Secure data archival

AL MAWASIL ensures the secure storage of e-invoice data for up to six years on reliable cloud servers.

Automated Reports

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically imperatives.

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Automated Reports

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically imperatives.

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