ZATCA E-Invoicing Integration Made Easy for Multi-Division Companies by Al-Mawasil

The introduction of e-invoicing by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone in the Kingdom’s journey toward digital transformation. This system enhances business operations and ensures tax regulation compliance. Companies with multiple divisions, such as AGC, have found this integration particularly beneficial. With the support of Al-Mawasil, AGC, which operates in diverse sectors including car accessories and the food market, has seamlessly implemented ZATCA’s e-invoicing system, ensuring compliant invoicing across all its divisions.

Integration for Multi-Division Companies

Integrating e-invoicing for companies with multiple divisions can be complex. Each division may have its own invoicing practices, customer bases, and operational nuances. However, with the help of Al-Mawasil, this integration can be seamless.

Case Study: AGC

AGC is a prime example of a company that has successfully integrated ZATCA’s e-invoicing system across its diverse operations with the support of Al-Mawasil. AGC operates in both the car accessories sector and the food market, each with unique invoicing requirements. Here’s how AGC managed the integration:

  • Unified Invoicing Platform: Al-Mawasil provided AGC with a centralized e-invoicing platform that integrates with the existing ERP systems of all its divisions. This ensures that all invoices, regardless of the division, follow a standardized format and comply with ZATCA regulations.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The e-invoicing solution implemented by Al-Mawasil is customizable, allowing each division to tailor the system to its specific needs while still adhering to the overarching requirements of ZATCA.
  • Training and Support: Al-Mawasil provided comprehensive training to AGC’s staff across all divisions, ensuring they are well-versed in the new e-invoicing procedures. Additionally, continuous support is available to address any issues that arise during the implementation and operational phases.
  • Compliance and Monitoring: AGC, with the assistance of Al-Mawasil, has established a dedicated compliance team to monitor adherence to ZATCA regulations. This team ensures that all invoices are issued, reported, and stored in compliance with the mandated guidelines.


The integration of ZATCA’s e-invoicing system represents a significant advancement for businesses in Saudi Arabia, particularly for multi-division companies like AGC. With the support of Al-Mawasil, AGC has adopted a centralized, flexible, and compliant e-invoicing solution, improving its operational efficiency and ensuring adherence to the Kingdom’s tax regulations. As more businesses embrace e-invoicing, the overall business ecosystem in Saudi Arabia is poised for greater transparency, efficiency, and growth.