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How does Al Mawasil work?

AL MAWASIL’s software efficiently manages the submission of clearance/report XML invoices to ZATCA and retrieves certified XML back from ZATCA. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates the Phase 2 QR code and certified XML into existing invoices, generating final PDF A/3 invoices that meet compliance standards. The software also automates the process of emailing these final PDF A/3 invoices to customers.

Regarding data management, AL MAWASIL guarantees the secure archival of e-invoice data for up to six years on reliable cloud servers, providing businesses with a robust and compliant data storage solution.

In essence, AL MAWASIL aims to equip businesses with the necessary tools and assistance to adhere to Phase 2 of Saudi e-invoicing, facilitating a smooth and efficient compliance process.

The phases of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia were introduced by ZATCA to implement a comprehensive electronic invoicing system. These phases are crafted to ensure a seamless transition and compliance for taxpayers.

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